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An ERP system designed to supply businesses in the hospitality industry with the digital tools to make smarter decisions.
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The lack of qualified management has plagued the hospitality industry in Nigeria for decades. The insufficiency of proper control systems have stunted the growth of bars, hotels, and restaurants across the country. That stops now.

A Hospitality Ecosystem like No Other

OyaSync addresses the hospitality industry’s challenges by providing a fully digital ecosystem that enables data collection in an efficient manner. Our software also provides insights and KPIs that will improve brand objectives and streamline decision making

Pos System




Monitor Activities

OyaSync effectively monitors the activities of your employees. Our analysts help clients with configuration, reconciliation and other technical issues that may arise during the course of business.

Inventory Maintenance

Get updates on your inventory with very minimal reliance on the internet. OyaSync has been built to manage over 30 open tables PER employee without adequate internet. So you always know what you have on hand.

Enhance Profit

OyaSync effectively manages and reduces pilferage, cash flow problems and inaccurate accounting with our software. We provide top notch 24/7 customer service experts that are available to answer your payment questions and concerns.

Sync The Future of Your Business

Reduce Pilferage

OyaSync reduces pilferage in restaurants and bars by 80%, by providing real-time access to bills by customers, and access to open tables by management

Change Management

OyaSync intelligently manages change dilemma in the hospitality industry via an OS Wallet which enables customers to convert their change to credit

Cashless System

OyaSync will encourage customers to fund their OS wallet and use it for payments in the restaurant/bar cutting cash from an average of 70% to 95%

Economies of Scale

OyaSync leverages EoS by providing a platform that facilitates central purchasing and distribution of goods and services across multiple outlets

Reward System

OyaSync will increase waiter and staff salaries by leveraging on a reward system that is cumulatively tracks employee performance across all outlets

Employee Tracking

OyaSync blacklists staff on the platform which flags fraudulent employees from gaining access in every place OS software is being used

Cost Effective

OyaSync is the Most cost effective restaurant management system in Nigeria, with the most robust customer service offerings

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Employee Management


All employees MUST be certified before they can enjoy the FULL benefits of the OS platform. Outlets with certified employees get free quarterly training


OS points are awarded to employees when certain criteria have been met. These points are accumulated over time and are credited to an employee’s OS wallet.

Talent Management
OS Wallet
Increased Revenue

OyaSync is Worth the Value
leading products comparison

Free Trial
PricingUnder N300,000 (1st yr) up
to 2 users
Under N400,000 (1st year) 100% Free unlimited users Capped at N200,000/
location (1st year) unlimited users, all features.
Online and Offline for both Mobile and PC devices
PC/MobileOnly Mobile POSOnly PC POSOnly Mobile POSPOS operates on both
Mobile and PC devices
Member Portal
Payroll Management
Inventory ManagementLimitedLimited
Income StatementIncome & ExpenditureFull Income Statement
Profit & Loss Balance
Sheet Statement of
Employee Tracking
Employee tracking via
Unique ID
Live Support (24/7)Web
In person support
Recruitment and TrainingTraining (Remote)Training (Remote)
Training and certification of employees
Customized Reporting
Customized dashboards for clients upon request
Franchise Management
Platform can manage up to 100 restaurant outlets with a central distribution system
Built for Restaurants and Bar
in Nigeria

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